A t y a b ' s P o r t f o l i o

Clients: Volunteer work and freelancing projects.

Date : 2021 to Present

Note:  The detail of few projects is not shown due to signed NDA.

Star Wars to Robotics

From a very young age, my fascination with technology was irrevocably ignited by the magic of the Star Wars universe. It was there, captivated by the antics of the lively and unique characters such as R2-D2 and C-3PO, that I first found myself enthralled by the concept of robotics. These complex, sentient, and sometimes comical characters inspired my lifelong interest in how robotics and AI could not only interact with humans but also contribute significantly to the betterment of our lives.

Embracing this fascination, I found myself gravitating towards the intersection of robotics, prosthetics, and Industry 5.0. Driven by a mission to create a world where the line between humans and machines is increasingly blurred, I am currently fascinated by the process of designing and developing advanced robotic prosthetics.

My design process marries function with aesthetics, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create prosthetics that are not just tools, but extensions of the human body. From AI-powered mobility solutions to IoT-enabled sensory integration, the prosthetics I design are rooted in enhancing human capabilities and improving quality of life.

Moreover, my research interest lies in harnessing these technological innovations to push the boundaries of what’s possible in robotics and prosthetics. With a keen focus on AI-powered automation, real-time adaptive systems, and biomechanical optimization, I am eager to explore how these technologies can transform healthcare and human capabilities.

Having completed a comprehensive Robotics Specialization at the University of Pennsylvania, I have acquired a well-rounded understanding of this dynamic field. The courses encompassed in this specialization – Aerial Robotics, Computational Motion Planning, Mobility, Perception, Estimation and Learning, and a Capstone Project – have equipped me with a robust knowledge base and a diverse set of skills.

In Aerial Robotics, I learned the dynamics of flight and the design principles of aerial robots. Computational Motion Planning introduced me to the exciting world of robot path planning and navigation. The Mobility course enhanced my understanding of how robots move and interact with their environment. In Perception, I developed skills in machine vision and sensor integration, vital for a robot’s interaction with its surroundings. Estimation and Learning course strengthened my grasp on AI and machine learning applied to robotics.

For my Capstone project, I applied these learnings to design a robo-car with IoT-enabled sensory input. This project required me to draw upon my understanding of robotics.

Looking ahead, I am thrilled to further delve into the world of robotics and prosthetics, aspiring to contribute significantly to the discourse and advancements in this fascinating field. Spurred by the childhood memories of watching droids saving the galaxy, I remain committed to leveraging technology to create a brighter, more inclusive future. Here’s to creating the ‘droids’ of our time!