A t y a b ' s P o r t f o l i o

Clients: Work Portfolio, volunteer work and freelancing projects.

Date : 2019 to Present

Note:  The detail of few projects is not shown due to signed NDA.

In the domain of mechanical design and product lifecycle management, I continually strive for innovation, underpinned by comprehensive research into scientific literature and technology advancements. My work is committed to delivering precise, user-focused, and risk-free products that cater to evolving modern needs, from initial concept to commissioning.

In creating these solutions, I combine theoretical expectations with practical feasibility. My design methodology integrates procedures like Product Requirement Document (PRD), Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Creepage and Clearance studies for electronics products. This approach guarantees robustness, operational safety, and adherence to international standards. I also prioritize user requirements, safety regulations, and efficiency metrics, leading to high-quality designs.

My contributions to the field are fueled by experimental research methods such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. I utilize these techniques to assess and refine design concepts under varied conditions, yielding critical quantitative data. Complementing this, qualitative research methods provide an understanding of real-world applications. I ensure the products I design are technically robust and user-oriented through a series of case studies and user interviews.

In line with the rapidly evolving field, I keep abreast of the latest advancements through exhaustive literature reviews and academic papers. The gleaned insights are incorporated into my presentations, ensuring decision-makers are informed about emerging technologies and strategies.

Beyond core design, I play a crucial role in enhancing operations and implementing process improvements. I’ve developed comprehensive work instructions integrated into the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for smoother workflow and seamless transition from design to production. I’ve modernized drawing templates to reflect recent technological strides, contributing to increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved team collaboration.

In an agile project environment, I’ve contributed to policy development for handling Engineering Change Orders (ECO), ensuring rapid, efficient adjustments with minimal project disruption.

I’ve also produced detailed instructions for Installation, Operation, and Maintenance (IOM) activities and comprehensive design documents, facilitating correct practices and enabling smooth project handovers. Furthermore, I prioritize generating lab test reports in accordance with rigorous standards, providing a valuable resource for our team and stakeholders.

My ultimate objective, whether working on standalone components or complex systems, is to deliver top-tier, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions in alignment with current trends, thereby meeting the requirements of the modern world.

Key Skills: 

  • Curiosity and Inquisitiveness
  • Methodological Competency
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Communication Skills