A t y a b ' s P o r t f o l i o

Clients: Work Portfolio, volunteer work and freelancing projects.

Date : 2019 to Present

Note:  The detail of few projects is not shown due to signed NDA.

Engineering Simulations Experience

Beyond design, my focus has been on diverse facets of engineering simulations and modeling. My portfolio encompasses various projects where I have rigorously worked on Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, and heat transfer studies. I am adept at performing stress-strain analysis and thermal studies inside complex systems. My expertise further extends to analyzing intricate assembly interactions, and modeling the behavior of injection-molded parts.

Adhering to international norms, I apply ISO standards and sensitivity analysis to uphold simulation accuracy and ensure optimal results. My simulation methodology maintains a delicate equilibrium between real-world representation and computational feasibility, considering factors such as boundary conditions, mesh quality, and solution convergence, all of which lead to precise, efficient, and error-free models.

My work with structural simulations employs DIN 15018 for stress classification, while for plastic part simulations, I utilize ISO 294 for simulation of injection molding and ISO 178 for flexural properties assessment. When conducting thermal studies, I stick to the ISO 10211 to define levels of thermal bridges in building envelopes.

My experience with CFD simulations involves using ISO/TR 11146 for laser beam simulations, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness. I am conversant with the simulation and assessment of robotic systems, including understanding of ISO/TS 15066 for collaborative robot systems.

From model creation to result interpretation, I apply pragmatic and theoretical knowledge, taking into account material properties, operational conditions, functional requirements, and manufacturing implications to develop insightful and effective simulations. Whether working on individual components or complex systems, my goal stays unchanged: to deliver high-quality, cost-efficient, and sustainable solutions that meet the requirements of the contemporary world.

Design Iteration

  • Engaged in refining components in harmony with both the simulation outcomes and the Product Design iterations. This calls for precise attention to discrepancies and a deep comprehension of iterative design principles. I also take pride in my ability to converse efficiently with simulation teams, ensuring data validity and incorporating Design for Simulation Credibility (DFSC) strategies. My work continually leads to substantial improvements in design accuracy, fortifying our product’s reliability and performance efficacy.

Manufacturing Implementation

  • Offered comprehensive Production and Integration Guidance post-simulation. This involves executing detailed manufacturability assessments such as Design for Manufacturing (DFM) checks, simulation-to-manufacturing consistency verification, and first-article inspections, ensuring our products are manufactured to meet superior standards of quality and safety. My duties also cover onsite assistance for production ramp-up and swift troubleshooting, both key to maintaining smooth manufacturing workflow. Furthermore, I actively participate in process optimization tasks, utilizing my technical prowess and expertise to enhance productivity and dependability across all operations.

As I summarize my engineering simulation endeavors, I contemplate the varied experiences and solid competencies I’ve gained throughout my tenure as a Manufacturing Implementation Specialist. However, I steadfastly uphold the spirit of perpetual learning. I’m motivated by an inherent inquisitiveness and the pursuit of constant refinement, in both professional and personal spheres. With this intention, I am enthusiastically seeking to fortify my proficiency through advanced studies. I view this as a chance to probe deeper into the nuances of manufacturing process optimization, scrutinize upcoming methodologies, and test my abilities within a stringent scholastic setting. My dedication to broadening my knowledge and skills will not only amplify my aptitude but also contribute innovative solutions and value to impending engineering quandaries.